For the Love of Community

Summit 2021 - September 17th - 18th

The 2nd annual FOR THE LOVE OF COMMUNITY Virtual Summit is a professional development opportunity for AFRICAN-AMERICAN NONPROFIT LEADERS to learn strategies that open doors to funding. Your hosts are STC Consulting, LLC and the STCC Nonprofit Network business consultants.

About the Virtual Summit

COVID-19 and its aftermath have made it even more challenging for African-American Nonprofit Leaders to access adequate funding to support their organizations. Despite the challenges, we have found ways to help nonprofit organizations keep their doors open. FOR THE LOVE OF COMMUNITY Virtual Summit will show you our keys to success!

What to Expect

Our 1 & 1/2-day virtual summit focuses on practical strategies that will increase your organization’s ability to 1) achieve its mission and 2) financially sustain itself. You will engage with National Philanthropy Leader, Satonya Fair, J.D., STCC Nonprofit Network experts, and Local Nonprofit Leaders who will share successful strategies for accessing a variety of funding opportunities. 

Who Should Attend

FOR THE LOVE OF COMMUNITY is specifically designed for African-American Nonprofit Leaders of community-based and grassroots nonprofits. The Summit is for YOU if your 501(c)(3) nonprofit, faith-based organization, or church serves a local community. 

Join us for this empowering opportunity to LEARN, CONNECT, & CELEBRATE. 

Workshop Topics

  • Business Planning
  • Technology & Nonprofit Impact
  • Financial Management
  • Board Development
Business Planning

Business Planning: An Essential Ingredient for a Successful Business

Yolanda Goodson, Impact Future, LLC

A business plan serves as a roadmap to success that guides how nonprofit leaders operate the organization. We will discuss how to validate the need for your nonprofit's programs and services, determine your target market, and impact your target market. 

Technology & Nonprofit Impact

Effective Digital Communications

Julius Rainey, Jr., JURU, LLC

Nonprofit organizations just can’t ignore the importance of digital communications. To build relationships that lead to increased support and donations, nonprofits must incorporate their services into the everyday lives of their donors and volunteers. One effective strategy is to leverage today's technologies so everyone can be engaged digitally in the process.

Attendees will learn tactics and tips to engage with your supporters.

Financial Management

Fundable Financials

Samantha Dillingham, SMD Business Finance, LLC

Establishing financial accountability for your nonprofit is a priority. Learn how to transform your annual financial reports into a vital communication tool to grow donor contributions and provide financial facts that appeal to funders.

Board Development

Recruit the Right People For Your Board

Dr. Kathryn Addo, STC Consulting, LLC

Leadership makes the difference! Nonprofits often fail because leaders recruit the wrong people to serve on the Board of Directors. Learn tips that will help identify who you need on the Board and how to select people who add value to the nonprofit.



Satonya C. Fair, JD

Visionary. Strategist. Philanthropy Enthusiast.

Satonya (she|her|hers) brings more than 25 years of experience working in corporate community relations, private philanthropy, and nonprofit management. Her extensive knowledge on the funder landscape, nonprofit structures, compliance, change management, philanthropy technology, outcome measurement, and knowledge management have allowed her to navigate and support strategic efforts across many fronts. She is dedicated to helping create equity and parity between funders and nonprofits, particularly those whose work supports communities of colors, children, and families. Satonya thrives when managing large-scale initiatives, helping reframe procedural norms, and aligning organizations around innovative best practices. Satonya is focused on the people who do the work and believes that prioritizing people over projects not only produces a better culture for optimum performance, but it creates better continuity and sustainability in the process. There has been a thread of work focused on race, equity, and inclusion and Satonya has led and contributed to a myriad of initiatives in this area. Satonya has a JD from the University of Cincinnati and her bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science from Miami University (Ohio). She is an avid volunteer and makes her home in Catonsville, Maryland.



dr. kathryn addo

Presenter and Founder

STC Consulting, LLC

Yolanda Goodson

Presenter and Founder

Impact Future, LLC

Julius Rainey, jr.

Presenter and Founder


Imade Borha


Depressed While Black®

Carlita Victoria


Darkness RISING Project


Presenter and President

SMD Business Finance, LLC

James Q. Dean

Panelist and President

JD Financial Group and Associates, Inc.  

Lisa T. McDow, Esq.

Panelist and Attorney at Law, Lisa T. McDow

Lisa T. McDow, Attorney at Law

Alesha L. Briggs

Panelist and President

Giving Youth Opportunities

Kathy M. Norcott

Panelist and Executive Director

Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency


Panelist and Executive Director

Adventist Community Restoration Center


Friday, September 17, 2021

(All dates and times reflect Eastern Standard Time zone)

  9:45 AM - 10:00 AM 

Sponsorship Spotlight

  10:00 AM - 10:15 AM 

Welcome & Keynote Speaker Introduction

  10:15 AM - 11:00 AM 

Keynote: Satonya Fair, JD

President & CEO, PEAK Grantmaking

Facilitator, Dr. Kathryn Addo

President, STC Consulting, LLC

  11:00 AM - 12:30 PM 

Morning Break Out Session

Workshop 1: Business Planning: An Essential Ingredient for a Successful Business

Mrs. Yolanda Goodson

Impact Future, LLC


Workshop 2: Effective Digital Communications

Mr. Julius Rainey, Jr.


  12:30 PM - 1:00 PM 

Comfort Break & Lunch

Networking & Sponsorship Spotlight

  1:00 PM - 2:30 PM 

Afternoon Break Out Session

Workshop 3: Fundable Financials

Mrs. Samantha Dillingham

SMD Business Finance, LLC


Workshop 4: Recruit the Right People For Your Board

Dr. Kathryn Addo

STC Consulting, LLC

  2:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Comfort Break

  2:45 PM - 4:15 PM 

Funding Strategies That Work

STCC Nonprofit Network Consultants

  • Dr. Kathryn Addo
  • James Dean
  • Samantha Dillingham
  • Yolanda Goodson
  • Lisa T. McDow, Esq.
  • Julius Rainey, Jr.

  4:15 PM - 4:30 PM 

Celebration Closeout

SATURDAY, September 18, 2021

(All dates and times reflect Eastern Standard Time zone)

  9:45 AM - 10:00 AM 

Sponsorship Spotlight

  10:00 AM - 10:15 AM 

Welcome & Introductions

  10:15 AM - 11:45 AM 

Nonprofit Leaders Funding Success Stories 

Nonprofit Organization Founders & CEOs

  • Imade' Borha
  • Alicia Briggs
  • Kathy M. Norcott
  • Cedric Parker

  11:45 AM - 12:00 PM 

Celebration Closeout


Kathryn Addo

Presenter and Founder, STC Consulting, LLC

Dr. Kathryn Addo has helped churches, faith-based organizations, schools and other nonprofit organizations improve the quality of their community-focused programs for 20+ years. Her formal training and certifications in education, law, theology and community development have uniquely prepared her to help nonprofits start and grow. Dr. Addo is on a mission to rebuild communities as she bridges gaps and connects neighbors. She uses practical principles to create long-term solutions to challenges faced by people living in marginalized communities. Dr. Addo teaches Nonprofit seminars, is an Executive Coach and is in demand as a speaker sharing her passion for innovative community initiatives. Dr. Addo serves as a Board Member for several community-based nonprofit organizations.

Yolanda Goodson

Presenter and Founder, Impact Future, LLC

Yolanda Goodson has over 20 years of experience in organizational planning, leadership development, and strategic planning through her employment in public and private sectors. She believes in positively impacting communities for the betterment of mankind. Yolanda’s journey of impact began while she served in the United States Navy. She not only served her country, but also the community where she was stationed by volunteering for the Special Olympics. Volunteering for this event ignited a fire and a desire within Yolanda to make a meaningful impact in communities. She currently serves as a mentor for at-risk youth and first-time offender programs.

Julius Rainey, Jr.

Presenter and Founder, JURU, LLC

Julius E. Rainey Jr. is a skilled digital strategist and technologist with 12+ years of experience as a project manager and nonprofit technology leader. His core competency is using his creative, analytical and strategy acumen to assist underserved and underrepresented priority populations, nonprofit organizations, and small-to-medium sized businesses in fulfilling their fullest potential. He specializes in articulating value propositions that utilize technology to solve traditional problems in nontraditional ways.

Imadé Borha

Founder, Depressed While Black®

Imadé (ee-MAH-day) is a writer and mental health advocate who founded Depressed While Black®. She is a suicide attempt survivor who lives with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder. Imadé first developed Depressed While Black as her 2015 Columbia University Non-Fiction Creative Writing MFA thesis. Depressed While Black has grown into an online community, an in-progress book, and a 501(c)3 nonprofit that donates Black-affirming personal care items to psychiatric patients and connects people to Black therapists.

Carlita Victoria

Founder, Darkness RISING Project

Carlita Victoria is an active performer, certified personal fitness instructor, and mental health advocate who lives with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. A Raleigh, North Carolina native, she attended The University of NC at Greensboro (BFA Dance Performance & Choreography, K-12 Dance Education). A committed mental health advocate, Carlita founded Darkness RISING Project for Black mental health to create a safe space and mental health resources for the Black community. 

Darkness RISING Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit which provides direct mental health resources and helps those in the Black community have conversations about their mental health and emotional well-being. We accomplish this by partnering with mental health providers, mental health educators, and Black performers from the Broadway community to create events, seminars, and direct resources where the intersection between mental health education and the arts collide.

Samantha Dillingham

Presenter and President, SMD Business Finance, LLC

Samantha Dillingham is Accountant and Financial Consultant as Owner and President of SMD Business Finance LLC. She has over 20 years of experience in various financial services industries. Her positions have covered services provided in Banking, Lending, Insurance and Investment, Accounting and Financial Services. As a professional and skilled partner, she provides Accounting, Financial Consulting, Training and Financial Management services to her clients in both the For-Profit and Nonprofit arena. Her mission is to develop businesses toward financial profit and growth as they maintain sustainability in the long term.

Samantha was born and raised in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia and earned her BA in Biblical Studies at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean. She continues to remain involved in local and international ministries which promote the growth and development of marginalized communities and families.

James Q. Dean

Panelist and President, JD Financial Group and Associates, Inc.  

James Q. Dean was born in Sanford, NC and comes from a family of high expectations centered on Faith, Education, Hard work and Community Service. James is married to Kamille Dean, his college sweetheart. He has three children – Jason, Joshua and Jordyn. James considers it an honor to be a husband and father. Among his various other roles, these are by far his greatest accomplishments yet.

James is an active member at his church where he takes pleasure in serving in his ministry as a volunteer in leadership and mentoring in the community. He has coached youth basketball on various levels such as intramural and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU.) He also serves as a volunteer for a non-profit “Center for Smart Financial Choices” and helps teach financial literacy.

James has been in financial services for twelve years. Financial Services allows him to inspire individuals from all walks of life to have confidence in their finances and financial goal settings. This process is implemented through education, communication, and world class customer service. James’ goal is to help individuals, businesses or corporations live by design and not by default and this is achieved through self-discovery and conscious awareness.

Lisa T. McDow, Esq.

Panelist and Attorney, Lisa T. McDow Attorney at Law

Lisa T. McDow is a private attorney with over 20 years of experience providing legal assistance, legal advice and representation for small to mid-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals to assist them with achieving their business, community impact and personal goals. She was appointed in 2006 by the 5th Judicial District to serve as a District Court Arbitrator.

Attorney McDow's public service includes court-appointed work in the area of Involuntary Commitments and Incompetency Proceedings. She is a past member of the National Association of Parliamentarians, Connectional Lay Council Executive Board (Appointed National Parliamentarian), JJOA Wilmington Chapter President & Program Director, NHC PTA Council Vice-President/Advocacy Chair, and Chairman of Wilmington Area MLK Day 2000 Celebration. She currently serves as a Legal Aid Advisory Board Member, Cape Fear Conference District Christian Education Officers/Board (AMEZ Church), NHC NAACP and Ordained AMEZ Minister.

Alesha L. Briggs

Panelist and President, Giving Youth Opportunities

Alesha Briggs(she) is a community activist in Inglewood California, and Founder of Giving Youth Opportunities. She specializes in youth resource development for inner city families. She does this by combining her community organizing skills and mentor experience to help create opportunities for youth. Resources and guidance are key to improving how youth receive the necessary tools to succeed. Through her initiative, she has become a model for organizations in the community by providing community events, resources, and educational workshops. Alesha believes in uplifting youth through social relationships. Her mission is to provide guidance to develop resources that help youth discover their life purpose, and manifest their dreams. 

Kathy M. Norcott

Panelist and Executive Director, Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency

Kathy M. Norcott presently serves as the Executive Director of Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency. She has a Master of Science in Public Service Leadership with a concentration in Nonprofit Management and Master of Public Administration. She has worked as a social worker, HIV director, program director, and Assistant Executive Director. Currently she supervises a staff of 38 within a 25-county area of the State. Ms. Norcott has been involved in community health education and has worked on multiple projects at the local and state levels for several years. Recently she was appointed to the Governor’s North Carolina Council on Sickle Cell Syndrome.

In 2018, PHSSCA became the only State funded community-based organization providing services to persons living with sickle cell disease and their families. Additionally, she is responsible for overseeing a staff of 38 individuals who provide services to more than 3,000 people living with sickle cell disease in 19 counties in North Carolina. PHSSCA also has an HIV street community outreach prevention education program in 6 counites and a Healthy Start Triad Baby Love Plus program that provides case management and support services to preconception, pregnant, interconception women, their children and the fathers of their children until their baby is 18 months of age.

Her compassion and dedication to people living with sickle cell disease and others who may not receive education or adequate health care have been the driving forces in her searching for ways to improve their lives.

Ms. Norcott is the mother of three adult children and five grandchildren.

Minister Cedric Parker

Panelist and Executive Director, Adventist Community Restoration Center

Minister Cedric Parker is the founder and Executive Director of the Adventist Community Restoration Center (ACRC) in Greensboro, N.C. The mission of ACRC is to restore fractured lives, rebuild broken communities, and renew hope for a better tomorrow. His formal training and certifications in Metropolitan Ministry, Executive Leadership Academy, and Urban Studies have equipped him to serve as a liaison to the community and faith-based organizations. His life’s passion is to see communities, neighborhoods, and cities transformed into thriving places of hope and opportunity for those that are often underserved. He has been honored to be a guest lecturer at UNC Greensboro and Elon University to share presentations in regards to “Faith-Based Community Development in Public Health”. Minister Parker also serves as a volunteer police chaplain and sits on several non-profit boards.